Last week we had the chance to taste the new Ribas wines with Araceli, the enologue and co-owner of Bodega Ribas. We were selecting the wines to take to“Mercado Mallorquin” a great food event that I have helped to organize in collaboration with Kitchen Guerilla, in which we have promote the very best of Mallorcan Local produces among the German public in Hamburg. 

We really wanted our guests in Germany to experience the real taste of Mallorcan wines and we finally decide to take the whole Ribas line. We all agree that this was the best option to display the particular fresh fruits aromas plus the mineral notes of the local varieties produced in their vinewards: Premsal Blanc for white wines and Mantonegro for reds and rosé. 

This said, I have to admit that I have a favorite. It was really love at first sight with the Ribas rosé. First Sight and first sip! The local variety Mantonegro provides the wine with a light pink color and a copper hint. Sparkly and sexy, truly evocative. We all laugh when Araceli told us that Sylvia, who is in charge of the visits in the winery, describes it as “Iphone pink”. Yes, it is that cool ;) 

This is me with a glass of Ribas Rosado during the event in Hamburg. Everybody loved it! 



In nose, this rosé is a festival of freshness, with plenty of citrus like grapefruit and very soft red fruit, “strawberry cream candy” in words of Araceli. Once in mouth: it is fresh and super pleasant. I was totally transported to lukewarm Spring days in the island. I love to be sensorially transported like this by foods or drinks. In my opinion, this is what makes the difference between a good and a great tasting experience. And the Ribas Rosado definitively makes yo travel to a placid and full blooming day with the sun shinning in your face and lots of fun.