For thousands of years olive cultivation and oil consumption have been an integral part of our culture. This popular and deeply rooted tradition turns Mallorca into the perfect destination to discover the universe that surrounds olive oil. The international acknowledgement of the Tramuntana Mountain Range to be given world heritage status by UNESCO underscores the rich heritage of our olive groves in the mountains. This historic heritage of olive growing is accompanied by the development of the most modern olive cultivations in the centre of the island. This combination turns the experience of olive tourism in Majorca into an attractive journey between tradition and front line. Practically every tour across the Tramuntana Mountains includes an invitation to admire the gnarled beauty of this other sea: a sea of olives.

The Olive Oil of Mallorca has been praised since ancient times. In 2002 it was awarded the designation “Denominación de Origen Protegido”, which confirmed its extraordinary quality and its organoleptic properties. Since it is a natural product it is an essential element of our gastronomy. It adds taste, smell and texture to our dishes. One of the most memorable gifts from the island is, without a doubt, a bottle of Olive Oil from Mallorca, taking home the condensed essence of the Mediterranean.