On Saturday 7th May Maria Solivellas from the restaurant Canatoneta and myself have organized an Olive Oil Experience in Caimari. We will share with you the landscape, the culture and the taste of this wonderful Mediterranean food. 

Caimari, a charming village at the footstep of the Tramuntana mountain, with a deep rooted olive cultivation tradition is the perfect place to connect with the most authentic Mallorcan gastronomic culture. Canatoneta is located in a traditional house in the village center. Its beautiful terrace with mountain views is decorated with paintings of the Mallorcan artist Albert Pinya. 

Maria Solivellas, is chef and co-owner of the restaurant Canatoneta in Caimari. Her gastronomic approach, based on the most traditional Mallorcan recipes is a benchmark of responsible food in Mallorca. Maria works hand in hand with small producers (from sea and land) and nourishes her cuisine with vegetables and fruits from her own garden, 100% organic. In her kitchen, Maria crafts food like an artisan and her restaurant is a true temple for Mallorcan local foods.

I will take you to admire the Tramuntana Olive Tree Landscape and explain you the importance of its culture in the Mediterranean ans especially in Mallorca. I will also conduct the Olive Oil Tasting with an hedonistic approach. We will taste 3 local EVVO's elaborated by the Family of Maria Solivellas. Then, Maria will prepare an olive oil themed tasting menu unfold in 6 courses, each of them, including dessert, will highlight the shape, color and taste of our selection of local EVOO's.

Join us in Camairi for this genuine & delicious Mallorcan Olive Oil Experience! 

Don't hesitate to contact me if you need more information.