Olive oil belongs to a food elite -along with corn, rice or wheat- full of symbolisms and transcendence and it is directly related with the development of human societies. Olive growing is so closely linked to the history of agriculture and culture in the Mediterranean basin that some historians claim that the olive is synonymous of civilization.

Since ancient times, its many uses have converted olive oil in a highly valued and greatly appreciated staple. In addition to its culinary uses for dressings, or as an excellent method of food preservation, oil has been used for medicinal, cosmetic, and religious purposes. Deeply rooted into all the areas of human experience, from the material aspects of life to the spirituals, it was considered a sacred food. Nowadays nutrition studies have confirmed its incredible health benefits. 

What are those benefits exactly? How can we take advantage of them? How should we consume olive oil? And most important how can I recognize a good olive oil? I will answer those questions and give you some culinary tips to use this sacred food in your kitchen next Saturday at my workshop at the Kreakolektiva Music & Arts Festival at Can Corem in Campos -at 11:00- Limited space to 15-

More information on the program and to purchase tickets for the Festival, here.