P A S S I O N - I cannot find a better word to describe Barbara Mesquida Mora,an amazing lady with funky glasses. When you listen to her talking about her vines, her winery, her project, her challenges, her dreams, you understand what is it to really commit with a land. She is engaged in body and soul to wine production with the very clear idea of creating a Legacy. An heritage that goes beyond her own family, reverting also in the preservation of Mallorca’s soil, flora, culture and identity. 

Her wines elaborated with care following the methods and natural rhythms of the biodynamics philosophy compose a beautiful palette of Mallorcan aromas and tastes. We have had the incredible chance to pair the first Españolita Trip to the Mediterranean taste and soul with her incredibles wines. A  true wine blessing! 

SINCRONIA NEGRE, the perfect nip to start getting familiar with the Mediterranean nature. 

SINCRONIA NEGRE, the perfect nip to start getting familiar with the Mediterranean nature. 

We welcomed our guests with SINCRONIA NEGRE, a fresh wine with forest fruits aromas and a touch of spiciness. The perfect nip to start getting familiar with the Mediterranean nature. On the same day, we enjoyed it with an eggplant cake with tomato passata -called granada de alberginia- a pumpkin cream soup, beetroot carpaccio with brossat, almond and rosemary and a very fresh lentil salad. We had it also for dinner, where It was our island ambassador together with a champion assortment of local delicacies such as peasant bread, cheeses, salts from Flor de Sal d’es Trenc, cold meats from Can Company, Extra Virgin Olive Oils from Oli Solivellas and marmalades and olives from Son Moragues. An usual food combination in Mallorca commonly known as Pa amb oli.  


We spent one of the best sailing days ever, toasting with ACROLLAM BLANC. We were the only boat gliding through magnificent crystal water in a glorious October day. We also had plan an iniciatory food ritual for our guests: tapas & cans: the ultimate nautical picnic!! Cockles with lemon and pepper dressing, pickled mussels, olives, spanish tortilla, jamon, plenty of jamon.…The lively ACROLLAM with with fruits and citrus aromas and a very refreshing touch of acidity was an excellent archetype of the very best Mallorcan whites of the premsal variety

We kept SOTIL, a delicate and elegant red wine from the local variety Callet, for the very fun “cocas workshop”.  

We kept SOTIL, a delicate and elegant red wine from the local variety Callet, for the very fun “cocas workshop”.  

The farewell....

Tomeu Arbona, owner of the magical bakery Es Fornet de la Soca, prepared some delicious Mallorcan cocas that we served for snacking together with Can Company sausages and jams and olives from Son Moragues. To accompany it all, we chose ACROLLAM rosé. In my opinion an excellent wine to serve as appetizer, fresh but with enough structure to escort the intense taste of snacks such as squid coca or curry sobrasada. 

In Spain rosé has been considered very unfairly as a minor wine, when precisely, its preparation is quite complex. Americans, however, love rosé, and perhaps because they are not influenced by certain dogmatisms that abound in the old world. It is true that some guests made us notice that ACROLLAM presents a more intense chromatism than these pink provençal fashion style to which they are more familiar with... but once served, enjoyed, and paired with the aperitif and the sunset in the sea from Son Rullan, one can only wonder: Who wants to be trendy, being able to be a classic?

When I told Barbara that Tomeu Arbona would prepare a very traditional and festive dish with turkey, “pilotas" meat balls, quince and dried figs and that he would cover it all with tiny ensaïmadas and cook everything in the stone oven of Son Rullan; she did not hesitate a moment: T R I S P O L . This strong personality red wine with spicy red fruit aromas with touches of vanilla and cocoa is full-bodied, fresh, long and persistent, was undoubtedly the perfect match to create the ultimate sense of mallorquinity that we wanted to experience. 

Generous drinks and bites, taste of the land they had just discovered with us and already loved, that was the memory we wanted our guests to retain from their last night in Mallorca. 


You can find Mesquida Mora wines in most of the good wineshops in Malllorca. But if you have time, don’t hesitate to visit her winery in Porreres for a beautiful tour and a great tasting experience. www.mesquidamora.com

All the pics by Jessie Webster

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