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about me

Mallorcan by birth, with a French mother, I have a passion for gastronomy, cookery, olive oil and traveling. I speak five languages: Spanish, French, Catalan, English and German. 

Widely travelled and educated in various fields I am qualified in Sociology and Law. I have practiced as a lawyer and have worked as a journalist on country-branding development projects in Mexico, Mongolia and Sierra Leone.

Now I am concentrating on gastronomy and communication, working as a private chef and culinary guide. I plan and organize events, itineraries, activities and menus designed to introduce people to the cultural and culinary heritage of Mallorca. 


From September 2011-2013, I have been presenting “Es Rebost”-“The Pantry”-, the traditional Balearic gastronomy section of the IB3 TV programe “Uep! Com anam?”. There, I elaborated Mallorcan typical recipes and local remedies. For two years I did a lovely "kitchen trip" visiting the homes of  Mallorcan people, who invited me to share with others their family culinary knowledge. 

I have also collaborated as Journalist, Presenter and Interpreter on the set of the German TV series "Gernstl Unterwegs" a documentary about Majorcan cuisine and culture produced by Megaherz for the Bavarian Television. 

As a freelancer in the culinary communication sector, I have taken part in different projects: event production, restaurant PP.RR, taste workshops for kids and written articles for specialised media.  

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olive oil

Olive oil is the place where my major interests meet: history, anthropology, gastronomy, cooking, health & nutrition...and a dash of spirituality. 

Because of my genuine passion for this unique and sacred Mediterranean food, I have specialised in Olive Oil and Olive Oil Tourism.

I have trained as an Extra Virgin Oil Sommelier in the European School of Tasting and also as a Sensory Evaluation of Olive Oil Expert in the Spanish School of Tasting, both in Madrid.

In 2011 I also got the Culinary Travel Professional Certification from the International Culinary Tourism Association.




I am passionate about travel. In my opinion, food is a universal language and every culture expresses herself through her culinary rituals and habits. Understanding how people is connected to food in a precise community gives you a unique approach to their lifestyle and their perception of the world. 

From my own experience traveling seeking for unique food adventures, I know that people these days are becoming more demanding and looking for genuine experiences, outside the conventional tourist scenes.

And these is exactly my aim: to disclose Mallorca's culinary traditions, the way we cook, eat, and above all, celebrate food. 

I had a blast cooking tamales for new years eve with Lancandon indigenous women in Chiapas - Mexico.

I had a blast cooking tamales for new years eve with Lancandon indigenous women in Chiapas - Mexico.

In the MEDIA

Deborah Piña Traditional Mallorcan product tasting
She is what I like to call a true Brand Ambassador for the island, specializing in preserving the traditions around gastronomy and agriculture.
— Luxury Tastemaker

A wonderful event and a unique experience which not only brought people together but also encouraged all participants to get in touch with the authentic Mallorcan nature.
— ABC Mallorca